Booking terms & conditions

These booking terms and conditions form a contract upon your initial  payment. Therefore please read these terms and conditions carefully before booking your event at Cott Farm.

Terms of reference: The Client (‘the client’, ‘you’, ‘your’). Cott Farm (‘Cott Farm’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘the venue’).

Payment Terms
A booking is not confirmed until the appropriate payment has been received. A non-refundable payment of £2000 is required to secure the booking and is part of the confirmation. Should another client subsequently wish to book and confirm the venue on the same date before the initial payment is received no guarantee about availability can be made. Further non-refundable installments of £2000 are due at twelve months and six months prior to the wedding date. The remaining balance will be payable 30 days prior to the event. Payments should be made via Bank Transfer. We appreciate that on occasions someone else may make payments due to us on your behalf. Unless we agree otherwise in writing you are legally responsible for any payments due to us.

Agreed Booking Terms
Fees are determined on the basis of the use of The Barn for the period of time set out below. Cott Farm reserves the right to make an additional charge should there be any variation of an agreed time. Such variations will be agreed with the client at the time of booking.

Inclusive wedding package agreed booking period:
Weekend weddings: Friday 10am – 5pm to set up, Saturday 1pm until 1am (music to be switched off at midnight), Sunday 10am – 1pm.
Mid-week weddings: Tuesday 10am – 5pm to set up, Wednesday 1pm until midnight (music to be switched off at 11pm), Thursday 10am – 1pm. Please note your agreed booking period is only to give you time to set up and pack down and you are not permitted to use the barn for entertainment purposes on other days except the agreed event day.

Inclusive event packages, special offer weddings and Christmas wedding packages agreed booking period:
Agreed booking period for other events (non-weddings and weddings booked under our special offers or Christmas packages): 1pm to 1am on the day of the event.

Possessions left at the venue during your booking period are left at your own risk. Cott Farm will not accept responsibility to damage or loss of your possessions. You are given exclusive use of The Barn during your hire period. You may also use the surrounding grounds, but we cannot guarantee that no one else will be present in these areas at the same time as you and your guests. Please ensure The Barn and its grounds is returned to the state it was given to you in. You must remove all rubbish and possessions, including your own décor, by the end of the agreed booking period.

Children must be supervised at all times. If more than 10% of your guests are under 14 years old, you must arrange a suitably qualified and insured creche or childminding service for the duration of the wedding/event.

Food & Catering
All food must be provided by registered, professional caterers with food hygiene certification. You are not permitted to provide any other or additional food.

If bringing your own caterers, they will be responsible for on-the-day wedding coordination; crockery, cutlery & glass hire; laying tables; supplying staff throughout the day from welcome drinks service onwards for the day and evening; rubbish disposal; kitchen cleaning. These services are all included with our in house catering option.

For weddings: we permit you to supply your wedding cake from a certified food provider but you must supply adequate equipment for your guests to consume this on the premises. You may supply serviettes for this purpose, or we can arrange hire of additional plates & forks on your behalf for an additional charge.

For food hygiene reasons, savoury wedding ‘cakes’, such as those made of cheese, must be supplied through the venue.

Bar & Alcohol
If you are permitted to provide drinks you must remove all waste and recycling by the end of the hire period. Please do not exceed the quantities set out in our information for couples.  Each drink will only be served at the appropriate time and are not interchangeable. Only table wine is permitted during your meal. Alcoholic ‘favours’ and/or thank you gifts are not permitted. We do not permit you to provide drinks beyond your meal and guests are strictly not permitted to bring their own drinks at any point.

For all other events (non-weddings and weddings booked under our special offers or Christmas packages that include drinks), we do not permit you to provide your own drinks at any point.

We are licensed to serve alcohol until 12 Midnight.

Third Party Suppliers
If you engage the services of third party suppliers you must ensure they have appropriate insurance and credentials. Cott Farm and its insurers will accept no liability for damage, injury or death as a result of services not provided by them. We reserve the right not to allow into the venue any third party suppliers who do not meet our requirements intended to ensure the safety and welfare of property and people at the venue. You are responsible for accepting delivery to the venue from suppliers you have engaged. Please note deliveries must be made between the agreed booking times to avoid unnecessary disturbance of our neighbours. Details of third party suppliers we provide to you are intended to help you in arranging other services to be provided in connection with your event. If you do engage these or any other third party suppliers, we accept no responsibility for their performance of services and you should take up any complaints with them directly.

All pricing is correct at the time it was sent to you. Occasionally factors beyond the venue’s control (including but not limited to supplier price increases, taxation and political factors) mean prices may increase. We reserve the right to pass on reasonable cost increases to you. If this is the case we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible.

Music & Entertainment
Please be mindful of our neighbours and our licence terms. All music or entertainment for the event must cease by Midnight (11pm on weekdays). Guests must vacate the premises and its grounds by 1am (midnight on weekdays). We reserve the right to stop any activity which we reasonably believe is illegal, likely to cause damage to the venue or risk the safety of other people. We will not tolerate any abusive behaviour by guests to any other guests or member of staff. We reserve the right to remove any persons acting inappropriately from the event.

Decoration & Lighting
Decoration of The Barn and its grounds is permitted but we please ask that you are mindful to not damage the fabric or contents of the building and grounds. Hooks are provided on the walls inside the barn for you to hang your own decorations (or to use ours) – please use these and not drawing pins, Sellotape, blu-tack or any other fixings. Candles and lanterns are permitted but measures must be taken so that no wax will drip. Candles must be extinguished before departure. Chinese lanterns are not permitted.

We do not allow synthetic confetti anywhere on the site, including ‘table confetti’ inside the barn. Your guests may use real flower confetti outside.

The venue makes available decorations including lighting for your convenience. These are regularly checked however we do not guarantee availability of such equipment during your hire.

Cancellation of Booking
In the event of a confirmed booking being cancelled by you, all amounts paid or due according to the Payment Terms will be retained by or due to Cott Farm. We reserve the right to cancel your booking without liability to you and without any obligation to refund your payment(s) if you do not pay us by the date due for such payment. We strongly recommend you take out private insurance to ensure that you can meet any cancellation charges in the unlikely event that you need to cancel your event.

For all weddings and events, a £500 deposit cheque is required against damage to the property, its grounds or its assets or violation of our licence (see Music & Entertainment). Provided there is no damage, the damages cheque will be destroyed at the end of the rental period. Any damage to the venue, its contents, its fittings, its assets or its grounds, or the property being left in an unsatisfactory condition, will be deemed the responsibility of the client/s and will be deducted from the damage deposit. In the event damage is caused to a higher value than the damage deposit, the owners reserve the right to impose a reasonable additional charge.

The maximum capacity of The Barn is 300 people (150 seated and for civil ceremonies).

Acceptance of Conditions
The payment of the initial amount is deemed as acceptance of the above conditions.

Last reviewed: 12/09/2019