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This page is for couples booked to have their big day at Cott Farm. If something’s not covered below, please do get in touch!

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(please note some of this information does not apply to our special offers – contact us if you’re unsure!)

Marriages and Civil Partnerships

If you are having a civil marriage or partnership ceremony at Cott Farm, you will need to do the following:

1. Book your Registration Officers
As soon as you have chosen your venue and wedding date, you should book the registrars for your wedding ceremony. Regardless of where you live, you need to contact our local office. The Barn at Cott Farm is within the Somerset Registration Service (Somerset County Council) region, telephone: 01823 282251.

Registrars can be booked up to two years in advance of your wedding date and we recommend booking your registrar early to ensure they are available. It is your responsibility to make the necessary booking with the registration office.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Somerset Registration Service’s diary has been closed to new bookings during the pandemic. They are now accepting new ceremony booking requests online. Send a Ceremony Booking Request to Somerset Registration Service here.

2. Give notice
You need to give Notice of Marriage before your marriage can be solemnised.  The Notices must be given in person by both of you. They cannot be given more than 12 months in advance and no less than 15 days before your wedding date. Notices are valid for 12 months so we recommend giving your notice around eight months before your wedding.

Notice needs to be given in the county in which you live. If the couple live in different counties, a separate notice must be given in each county. If you live in a different county and have given your notice to your own local authority, you will need to deliver your authorities to the Somerset registration office at least 2 days before your marriage.

Please visit Somerset County Council’s website for more information about marriages on approved premises…

3. Plan your ceremony
This is your big day and to a large extent it’s up to you how you celebrate your marriage. You need to agree on what legal declarations and vows you want to say to each other. The details of everything you want to include need to be given to Somerset Registration Service at least 4 weeks before your ceremony, or they can prepare a standard ceremony format for you.  As a guide, a simple wedding ceremony will last between 15 and 20 minutes, but you can personalise the ceremony with readings and music to make it last longer.

Please see the marriage and partnerships guidance from Somerset Registration Service for more details.

Inside the wedding barn by GRW Photography


  • The Barn can seat up to 150 people, with ten people on each of our 15 handmade wooden tables.
  • Each table is 2.4 metres long x 1 metre wide.
  • Our tables do not require table cloths, but a table runner is recommended.
  • Recommended table runner lengths: if you’re seating ten guests to a table (i.e. one either end and four down each side), we recommend allowing a space of at least 30cm for each place setting. A table runner of 1.8m long x 40 cm wide is ideal. If you’re seating eight to a table (i.e. no one either end), a table runner longer than the table length (to create an overhang) looks pretty.
Some of our decorations

Decorations & props

  • You are free to decorate The Barn, its grounds and the ceremony pergola as much, or as little, as you’d like.  We ask that you are mindful to not damage the fabric or contents of the building and grounds. Hooks are provided on the walls inside the barn for you to hang your own decorations (or to use ours) – please use these and not drawing pins, Sellotape, blu-tack or any other fixings. All decorations provided by you must be removed by you at the end of the hire period.
  • The barn is approx. 20m long and 10m wide. There are 7 wooden beams spanning the 10m width. Each beam is fitted with fairy lights (which are included). You are welcome to use the beams to hang additional decorations.
    In the middle of the right hand wall is a lace curtain with waterfall fairy lights behind. We usually suggest the top table goes here, with the curtain as the backdrop.
    In the middle of the barn is a foliage ‘hoop’.
  • There is hessian and lace bunting all around the inside of the barn.
    In addition to the fixed decorations above, we have a wide range of wedding styling props and decorations for you to use, at no extra charge, if you’d like. See our range of wedding venue styling props…

Welcome drinks, table wine, toast drinks & favours

If you are having a full wedding with us and are providing your own welcome drinks/table wine, please use the following quantities:

 60 adults80 adults100 adults120 adults
Champagne, prosecco, cava or sparkling wine (750ml bottles)10141822
OR Pimms + lemonade1.5l + 9l2l + 12l2.5l + 15l3l + 18l
AND non alcoholic alternative i.e. elderflower (litres)4567
Red wine (750ml bottles)791113
AND White wine (750ml bottles)791113
Champagne, prosecco, cava or sparkling wine (750ml bottles)10141822
  • The above guide is based on the number of adult guests you have attending. Obviously you will need to provide more non-alcoholic drinks if you have children attending too.
  • Welcome drinks should be one type of drink for all guests plus a non-alcoholic alternative. If you intend to provide something other than fizz or Pimms, please contact us for guidance on quantities. Note your welcome drinks must be served by the glass; we do not allow individually pre-bottled or canned drinks (eg bottles or cans of beer or cider).
  • Please remember you need to supply everything ingredients-wise if you’ve chosen Pimms (or any other type of cocktail) – including any fruit and ice. We will prepare your drinks (including chopping fruit etc) using your ingredients, and we will provide dispensers/jugs/glasses as well as staff to serve.
  • Toast drinks can be the bubbly of your choice. Please remember we do not allow you to bring alternatives or additions to bubbly (such as shots etc) for your toasts.
  • Please do not exceed the above quantities – we have legal obligations as a licensed premises, plus storage space is limited. Remember drinks are not interchangeable – for example your table wine will be stored away after your meal and we do not permit you to provide any drinks beyond your meal. Your leftovers will be safely stored for you to take home!
  • Our licensed bar will be open throughout the day should your guests wish to purchase different drinks to those you provide.
  • You are responsible for removing all waste and recycling from the drinks you have provided by the end of the hire period.
  • Guests are strictly not permitted to bring their own drinks at any point.
  • Alcoholic ‘favours’ and thank you gifts are not permitted.

entertainment at cott farm


  • Please inform your band or DJ all live and recorded music must finish by 12 midnight on Saturdays (11pm Monday – Friday and 10.30pm on Sundays). This cannot be extended.
  • The usual spot for bands in the top right corner is 5m x 2.5m. More or less space can be agreed with you. The Barn is equipped with 13A power sockets.
  • We recommend your performer(s) arrive prepared for their performance. There are no separate rooms or spaces them to use.
  • Your band may have pre-arranged access the day before so they can set up without disturbing your meal etc.
  • All entertainment providers must have public liability insurance and are liable for the safe use of their equipment. In the case of equipment such as bouncy castles, it will only be permitted if they are fully staffed throughout its use. Please contact us to discuss.
  • Catering for your entertainers and other suppliers (such as your photographer) should be pre-booked, if required.
  • We do not permit Chinese lanterns or fireworks.
wedding bell tents at cott farm

Camping & parking

  • If you have booked our glamping & camping option, we have five bell tents and your guests can bring their own camper vans, and caravans, as well as tents. We do not have electric hook up facilities.
  • You have exclusive use of the venue from Friday morning. Your guests may set up and take down their tents at anytime during your hire period. Staying overnight is only permitted on the night of the wedding.
  • All guests must leave The Barn by 1am. Those camping must head back to the campsite. No sound systems/amplifiers etc are permitted in the campsite.
  • Guests may leave their cars parked overnight at Cott Farm at their own risk. Guest vehicles must be removed by midday the following day.
  • We highly recommend guests prebook taxis because of our rural location.


  • Children must be supervised throughout the day. We do not restrict the number of children you may invite but, if more than 10% of your guests are under 14 years old, you must arrange a suitably qualified and insured creche or childminding service for the duration of the wedding. Please see our list of  local wedding suppliers.

Visiting Cott Farm

  • In addition to your initial viewing, we find it helpful for you to make an additional two visits to the farm between booking the venue and your wedding day.
  • One visit shortly after you have booked with us is perfect for you to re-visualise the space, make plans and ask any questions. This often includes bringing parents and/or friends to show them the space.
  • The other visit is normally around six weeks before your wedding day so that we can finalise your plans with you.
  • If you would like to arrange additional visits for you, your family/friends or your suppliers, we will always try to accommodate you but there may be a small additional charge for this. Please remember visits to the farm are by appointment only.

Setting up & access

 The agreed booking period for our inclusive full wedding package is:

Friday 10am – 5pm to set up
Saturday (the Event Date) 1pm – 1am
Sunday 10am – 1pm to collect possessions.

(Please refer to our brochure if you have booked one of our special offers instead of a full wedding)

Wedding suppliers

Please remember you are responsible for accepting deliveries and collections from your suppliers and these must be made between the agreed booking period times.

  • All companies and individuals booked to supply goods and services at your wedding – from florists to cake bakers – need to arrange their arrival time with you during the above times.

Order of the day

  • We are here to ensure you have your best day ever and are on hand to work with you to plan the order of your big day.
  • Every wedding is different and timings are largely determined by the format and contents of your ceremony, the number of guests, your wedding breakfast menu and your entertainment. As a rough guide, though, we recommend allowing:
    • Ceremony: half an hour (if having a civil ceremony at Cott Farm)
    • Welcome drinks, canapés & photos: 1 – 2 hours (depending on whether you are having canapés)
    • Wedding breakfast: 1.5 – 2.5 hours (depending on menu, number of courses and number of guests)
    • Speeches & toasts: 45 minutes – 1 hour
    • Band set up: 1.5 hours
    • Evening food: 1 – 1.5 hours (depending on menu and number of guests)
  • We will work through these timings with you to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Anything else?

Please do in touch if you have any questions or need any help!

Becca & Ollie x